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My opinion in regard to the standoff in the senate on the Revenue sharing formula

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By Joshua Odongo Onono

The parameters to be meted as a basis for revenue allocation is clearly stated in article 201(b) on the principles of public finance, “the public finance system shall promote an equitable society” kindly note the word “equitable in the statement” and 201 (b) (iii) which states that “expenditure shall promote the equitable development of the country, including by making special provisions for marginalized groups and areas”

Kindly refer to sessional paper no.8 of 2012 on National policy for the sustainable development of Northern Kenya and other arid lands christened “Releasing our full potential”

Chapter 3 (3.1)summarizes the chapter thematic concerns pegging it on broad themes that illustrate the extent of Regional inequality and highlighting the potential gains for the region and the nation as a whole were these inequalities removed,

Equitable society has a direct bearing to equitable development, we can’t divorce the two and this begs the question of the authenticity of the current leadership respecting the new constitution that was fathered in August 2010 at 10:37 am.

The Constitution of Kenya should be the template through which the senate redress three key issues i.e. marginalization, exclusion and equitable development and any move outside the parameters aforementioned only thwarts the strides we have made as a country and the sacrifices we have made individually and collectively.

The writer, Joshua Odongo Onono, is the former Deputy Presidential Candidate

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