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Equipment lessor trains farmers to boost harvests

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Quipbank Equips farmers to boost harvests

TingA, E. Africa’s largest network of farm equipment, has taken the initiative together with its various partners to empower farmers through mechanized farming.In a bid to improve agriculture, its officers across has been training farmers and enlightening them on the importance of mechanization in different parts of the country, with the most recent one being in Mulot, Narok County yesterday. Through these Training initiatives, harvests have improved as the farmers are using modern technology. The E. Africa’s largest tractor share with its partners provides training on crop management practices, crop protection solutions and link farmers to various solutions. 

Speaking during a training held in Narok yesterday Eng. Titus Musyoka, the TingA Manager said, “We are working with various stakeholders to help the farmers produce more. We are not just here to lease, rent or hire tractors but to ensure that farmers use modern and appropriate technology to produce more. This is the main reason why we are in the field training the farmers. If every farmer could get the right training, adopt modern technology food production in East Africa will increase by 300%.”

“Since we partnered with TingA, Quipbank’s limited project, in 2017, land preparation has become cheaper and easier TingA provide farm support and advisory, demonstrating to farmers correct depth that one can’t achieve with manual ploughing. This complements the input package that includes crop protection and nutrition programs, certified seed and good agricultural practices to translate to better yields,” said Diana Gitonga, Bayer’s Smallholder Farming Manager.

Anne Kahura one of the farmers from Narok said, “TingA through their field officers has actually been guiding me through the entire potato production cycle by ensuring that I abide by planting, weeding, spraying, fertilizer application, earthling up and all related activities including harvesting and selling the harvests. They even visit my farm to inspect and approve the seeds before I plant. They have really helped me. This season I hope to produce 70-100 bags per acre.”

Another farmer, Fridah Wachira said, “Initially, I used to plant my potatoes using the ordinary methods. I wanted to give up because I was getting nothing but losses from my farm. When TingA visited my farm and they convinced me to use their services I gave it a try and I can see the fruits. I recently harvested my potatoes using their tractor and I was able to get 10 tonnes per acre. With such kind of harvests I felt motivated and even inspired to plant more. With these profits I am able to school my children and invest in other ventures. When farming is done right it pays.”

With the unveiling of the government’s areas of focus for the next 5 years, the stakeholders in the agricultural sector are doing everything they can to boost food security. President Uhuru identified food security as one of the pillars of his ‘big four agenda’.  Farmers training and mechanization has huge potential for increasing agricultural production and transforming families’ livelihoods. According to Eng. Titus Musyoka, training and adoption of modern technology will help farmers produce up to five times what they produce today per acre. This would better the living standards of the farmers, help the country achieve food security and reduce reliance of maize.

About TingA

TINGA, East Africa’s largest network of tractors and equipment, is a community mechanization concept that enables farmers to jointly access farm equipment such as tractors, plows, planters, combine harvesters, sprayers among others. Farmers come together either as an NGO, SACCO, Church, Co-operative society or Chama and TingA provides equipment for farming use at the community level. Farmers can access farm mechanization services through an SMS and mobile based application from which they can choose a host of services ranging from Chisel Ploughing to Harvesting. 

About Bayer East Africa

Bayer East Africa Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bayer AG, a global innovation enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of agriculture and health care. Bayer AG has a base and registration in Germany with the global headquarters in Leverkusen. As an innovation company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Bayer East Africa Ltd. is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya where its operations were founded back in 1968. 

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